2019-02-12 18:42:24:Разработка урока по английскому языку в 6 классе по теме "Лондонский зоопарк"

  • Вильчик Елена Александровна

Разработка урока в 6 классе по теме “London Zoo. Why do people need Zoos?”

Цель урока- Систематизировать и обобщить лексику по теме «Зоопарк». развивая умения говорения учащихся на уровне подготовленного монологического высказывания , воспитывая любовь к окружающему миру.

Задачи :

Развивать умение говорения учащихся на уровне подготовленного монологического высказывания по теме « Animals of the Regent` s Park Zoo»

Формировать умение делать небольшие проекты.

Способствовать развитию сопереживания проблемам животных

Ход урока

Teacher : Hello! Glad to see you. How are you? Look at the blackboard, please. Be careful what you say or do when you visit the animals in the zoo.

Teacher : Why should people be careful?

Pupil1 : Some animals are dangerous.

Pupil 2 : Some animals are wild and aggressive.

Pupil 3 : Some animals are big, others are small.

Teacher : You quite right. Do you know the animals well ?

Pupils : Yes, we do.

Teacher : Let ` s have a guessing game. The task is to name the animal described by your classmates. Are you ready ? Can we start ? Please, be very attentive. We `ll check your answers on the screen.

Pupil 1 : It is long and green. It can be very terrible and aggressive. It likes to neat meat and fish. It is vey wild. It lives in the water. What is it ? ( a crocodile )

Teacher : Check your answer on the screen ( слайд 4 )

Pupil 2 : It is big and brown. It likes to sleep in winter. It has a sweet tooth. It likes to eat honey, berries, fish and meat. It can swim very well but it lives in the forest. It can be very aggressive but in the zoo it is very funny and nice. What is it ? ( a bear )

Teacher : Check your answer on the screen ( слайд 5 )

Pupil 3 - I have a very nice tail. I can fly. I` m covered with colourful feathers. I can talk. I am very funny. I am a … (parrot)-слайд 6

Pupil 4 ; It is the biggest animal in the world. It lives in the ocean but it is not a fish. What is it ? ( a whale ) – слайд 7

Pupil 5I have four legs, I have no teeth. I can swim and dive. I carry my house around with me. I am a ..( tortoise)-слайд 8

Pupil 6 : it is the second biggest animal in the world. It can eat 300 kilos of food and drink 200 liters of water. It lives in Africa and India. It is kind, clever and very intelligent. What is it ? ( an elephant )- слайд 9

Pupil 7 : this animal is very unusual. It can` t walk, it can` t run, it can`t fly, it can only jump. It has a front pocket and in the pocket it carries a baby. It lives in Australia. What is it ? ( a kangaroo )- слайд 10

Teacher : Thank you. Good work. I see, that you know the animals very well and we can speak about them for a long time. They live all around us but if you want to see exotic animals you should go to the zoo. Am I right? There are many zoos in the world but we` ll speak about London Zoo today.

So we start. Imagine yourselves in London ( слайды Лондона )- слайды 11-20

Tell me please, what London is famous for ? Name some places in London, please.

Pupil 1 : London is famous for Big Ben.

Pupil 2 : London is famous for Buckingham Palace.

Pupil 3 : It is famous for Trafalgar Square

Pupil 4 : London is famous for Westminster Abbey.

Pupil 5 : It is famous for Tower Bridge

Pupil 6: London is famous for parks.

Teacher : You ` re right. Could you name these parks ?

Pupil 7 : They are Hyde Park, Regent` s Park and others.

Teacher ; what is Regent Park famous for ?

Pupil 8 : It is famous for the London Zoo.

Teachers : Thank you very much for your answers. Now you` ll see the years on the screen and I want you to say what you associate with these years.

Показ слайдов с изображением достопримечательностей Лондона. Учащиеся рассказывают о значимых событиях становления Лондонского Зоопарка.

Pupil 1- 1826- The Zoological Society of London was founded.

Pupil 2- 1828- it housed a collection of exotic animals.

Pupil 3- 1830- The collection of animals was greatly enlarged with the addition of the royal menagerie from Windsor and the animals from The Tower of London.

Pupil 4- 1839- The first giraffes appeared in the Zoo.

Pupil 5- 1847 - The Zoo opened its doors to the public.

Pupil 6- 1849- The first Reptile House was opened.( слайд 26-27)

Pupil 7 - 1850 – In this year the Tsar of Russia presented two bison to the Zoo.

Pupil 8 -1853-The first public Aquarium was opened.

Pupil 9 - 1880- In this year the first koala bear arrived to live outside Australia.

Pupil 10 - 1881- the first Insect House was opened.

Pupil 11 - More recently, the Children Zoo was opened

Teacher- I see you really know the history of the zoo. Now it is time to speak about the animals that you take care of.

Pupil 1- The giraffe lives in Africa. It is an exotic animal. This is the tallest animal in the world. It can be 6-7 metres high. The giraffe can see very well. It has small horns on the head. They are usually yellow with brown spots. These animals like to eat acacia very much. They are very kind and generous.

Pupil 2- An elephant is the largest animal that lives on land. Elephants have larger ears than any other animal and their tusks are the largest teeth. An elephant` s nose is called a trunk. A lot of things can be done with the help of a trunk. An elephant is a nice animal, strong and friendly. It eats grass and green leaves ( about 300-400 kilos a day) and elephants can drink 150-200 liters of water. They are very playful in the water and wonderful swimmers. The elephant is the most intelligent animal next to the dog and it has a very good memory.

Pupil 3- Dolphins are very intelligent. They love to play with people. They can be of different colors.- black and white, blue and light blue. Most dolphins eat fish. Their brain is very big. They have a very good feeling to be helpful. They have a very good experience of communicating with people. They give birth to their babies, which are born with opened eyes, under the water, close to the surface. They can perform for children and grown-ups. Dolphins can jump out of the water, play with the ball and dance.

Pupil 6- Tigers…

Teacher- Thank you very much. Your information was really interesting and useful. You have worked well. Let` s return to our topic We are speaking about animals in Regent` s Park. I am sure there are many exotic animals there. As you know thousands of visitors come to the zoo every day. Now I want you to answer my questions. Why do people need Zoos? What is good about them?

Pupil 1 – People can see different animals there.

Pupil 2 – People can feed the exotic animals and watch the young babies grow there.

Pupil 3 – People learn new things about nature.

Pupil 4 – Zoo lovers can study animals in their cages.

Pupil 5- It is very enjoyable. People can find new friends.

Pupil 6 – We can study the effects that human activities have on the natural world.

Teacher- Right you are.

Подведение итога урока. Возвращение к моменту целеполагания при помощи соответствующего слайда презентации, озвучивание результатов деятельности учащихся на уроке.

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